28mm Crimean British

BCR16  7th ( The Royal Fuzileers ) Regt.

BCR17  4th ( The Kings Own ) Regt.

BCR18  30th ( Cambridgeshire ) Regt.

BCR19  31st ( Huntingdonshire ) Regt.

BCR20  71st ( Highland Light Infantry ) Regt.

BCR21  3rd ( East Kent / The Buffs ) Regt.

BCR22  21st ( Royal North British Fusiliers ) Regt.

BCR23  57th ( West Middlesex ) Regt.

BCR24  38th ( 1st Staffordshire ) Regt

BCR25  68th ( Durham Light Infantry )

BCR26  41st Regiment of Foot

BCR27  77th ( East Middlesex ) Regt.

BCR28  72nd ( Duke of Albany's Own ) Highlanders

28mm Baden Infantry ( Napoleonic )

GS30  Baden. 1st ( Leib ) Regiment

GS31  Baden. 2nd Regt ( Grand Duke Hertitier )

GS32  Baden. 3rd Regt ( Markgraf Ludwig )

GS33  Baden. 4th Regt ( Von Harrant )

18mm Saxons, Wurttemburg, Westphalians, Italians & Hesse Darmstadt

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28mm Saxon  Cavalry ( Napoleonic )

Sac01  Gardes du Corps

Sac02  Leib Cuirassiers

Sac03  Zastrow Cuirassiers

American War of Independence

WIA56  Philadelphia Light Horse

WIA57  Sheldon's Horse, 2nd Continental Light Dragoons

WIA58  Baylor's Horse, 3rd Continental Light Dragoons

28mm Russian Guard Cavalry ( Napoleonic )

Rc78  Chevalier Garde - Life Guards

Rc79  Horse Guards

Rc80  Guard Dragoons  1809

Rc81 Guard Dragoons 1813

Rc82  Chevalier Garde - Life Guards. Vexillum

28mm ACW Union

US157  5th Michigan Infantry

US158  17th Maine

US159  40th New York Vols ( The Mozart Regt )

US160  110th Pennsylvania Regt

US161  3rd Michigan Infantry

New - American Revolutionary War 1776

( In AB compatible 18mm )

British Regiments

The first seven packs are suitable for Brandywine - subsequent packs provide

Regiments for other engagements.

ARWB01  4th, 23rd and 28th Regiments of Foot

ARWB02  5th, 10th and 27th Regiments of Foot

ARWB03  49th, 40th and 55th Regiments of Foot

ARWB04  1st & 2nd Batts, 71st Foot and Queen's Rangers.

ARWB05  15th, 17th and 42nd Regiments of Foot

ARWB06  37th, 33rd and 46th Regiments of Foot

ARWB07  44th, 28th and Foot Guards Regiments

ARWB08  9th, 21st and 45th Regiments of Foot

ARWB09  20th, 22nd and 47th Regiments of Foot

ARWH01  Erbprinz, Donop and Mirbach Infantry Regiments

ARWA01 Sons of Liberty flags ( vertical stripes )

ARWA02 Virginia Militia

ARWA03  Liberty flags ( white )

ARWA04  Liberty flags ( red and blue )

ARWA05  Massachusetts Pine tree flags ( variants )

ARWA06  New England 'An appeal to Heaven' ( variants )

ARWA07  Betsy Ross ( stars and stripes )

ARWA08  South Carolina ( 1st,2nd & 3rd Regts )

ARWA09  Connecticut ( 1st - 3rd Regts )

ARWA10  Connecticut ( 4th - 6th Regts )

ARWA11  South Carolina crescent flags

ARWA12  New York ( 1st & 3rd Regts included )

ARWA13  North Carolina

ARWA14 Colonial merchant flags ( horizontal stripes )

Duchy of Warsaw - Lance pennons

DW17 Pennons for the