The Napoleonic Wars 

French Napoleonic Armies 1804~1815      

Almost as large on their own as all the other nations, they have their own page.

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Russian Napoleonic Infantry  1797~1815  ( shop link Russian Infantry 1797 to 1815 )

David Imrie's Russians ( Wargames Foundry Miniatures )

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R1          Regiments of the Moscow Inspection   ( Orange )                                                       

R2          Regiments of the Lithuania Inspection   ( Light green )                                            

R3          Regiments of the Kiev Inspection          ( Raspberry red )                                         

R4          Regiments of the Siberia Inspection       ( Light grey )                                               

R5          Regiments of the Brest Litovsk Inspection   ( Straw yellow )                                 

R6          Regiments of the Livonia Inspection       ( Turquoise )                                              

R7          Regiments of the St Petersburg Inspection   (  Black/ Red corners )                   

R8          Regiments of the Caucasus Inspection     ( Medium blue )                                       

R9          Regiments of the Ukraine Inspection       ( Rose pink )                                              

R10       Regiments of the Finland Inspection        ( Yellow )                                                    

R11        Regiments of the Smolensk  Inspection     ( White )                                                    

R12        Regiments of the Orenburg Inspection     ( Camel brown )                                      

R13        Regiments of the Crimea Inspection         (  Buff / light brown )                             

R14        Regiments of the Dniestr Inspection         ( Lilac )                                                        

R15        Regiments of the 18th Division ( Possibly 16th and 17th )  Dark green                  

R16        1st to 4th Marines from 1804    ( Dark blue )                                                                    

R17       Pernovsky Regiment  1807~1813                                                                                     

R18        Belostoksky Musketeers  1807~1813                                                                               

R19        Fanagorisky Grenadiers   1807~1813                                                                              

R20       Azovsky Regiment  1807~1813                                                                                          

R21        Permsky Regiment  1807~1813                                                                                         

R22       Grouzinsky Grenadiers  1807~1813                                                                                 

R23       Odessky Infantry  1807~1813                                                                                             

R24       Simbriski Regiment 1807~1813                                                                                         

R25       Vilna Regiment 1807~1813                                                                                                 

R26       Tarnopol Regiment 1807~1813                                                                                         

R27       Guards Regiment ( use for Ismailovski, Preobrajenski &  Semenovski  )          

R28       Lithuanian Guards Regiment  1807~1812                                                                     

R29       Pavlov Grenadiers 1797~1814                                                                                           

R30       Leib Grenadiers 1797~1814                                                                                                

R31        Riazan Infantry Regiment  1797~1815                                                                           

R32       Kiev Grenadiers 1807~1815                                                                                                

R33       Astrakahn Grenadiers 1797~1815                                                                                    

R34       Siberia Grenadiers 1797~1815                                                                                           

R35       Little Russia Grenadiers 1797~1815                                                                                

R36       New Ingermanland Infantry  Regiment  1797~1815                                                 

R37       Narva Infantry Regiment  1803~1815                                                                             

R38       Smolensk Infantry Regiment 1797~1815                                                                      

R39       Alexapol Infantry Regiment 1797~1815                                                                       

R40       1797 Line Infantry     * see note below                                                                            

R41        Selenguinsk Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                   

R42       Moscow Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                          

R43       Ladoga Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                            

R44       Ekaterinburg Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                

R45       Sofia Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                                 

R46       Poltava Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                            

R47       Mourom Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                         

R48       Revel Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                                

R49       Tchernigov Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                    

R50       Polotsk Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                            

R51        Kexholm Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                         

R52       Rialsk Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                               

R53       Arakcheyev Grenadiers  1797~1815                                                                               

R54       Pskov Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                               

R55       Tobolsk Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                           

R56       Ekaterinoslav Grenadiers  1797~1815                                                                            

R57       St Petersburg Grenadiers  1797~1815                                                                             

R58       Tauride Grenadiers  1812~1815                                                                                         

R59       Bielozerkov Regiment  1797~1815                                                                                   

R60       Moscow Grenadiers  1812~1815                                                                                        

R61        Vitebsk Regiment  1799                                                                                                         

R62       Apcheron Regiment  1797                                                                                                   

R63       Koslov Regiment  1797                                                                                                          

R64       Nacheburg Regiment  1797                                                                                                 

R65       Kolyvan Regiment  1799                                                                                                       

R66       Riazsk Regiment 1798                                                                                                            

R67       Moscow Grenadiers  1797                                                                                                    

R68       Kiev Grenadiers 1797                                                                                                             

R69       Fanagoria Grenadiers 1797                                                                                                 

R70       Caucasus Grenadier Regiment  1797                                                                               

R71       Kherson Grenadier Regiment  1797                                                                                 

R72       Tauride Grenadier Regiment  1797       

R73       Tomsk  Regiment 1797      

R74       Chirvan Regiment 1797

R75       Apsheron Regiment   1797

R76       Yeletz Regiment 1803

R77       Oufa Regiment 1797

R78       Nijegorod Regiment 1797

R79       Bourtiski Regiment 1797

R80       Kursk Regiment 1797

R81       Archangelgorod Regt  1797

R82      Azov Regiment  1797

R83      Telenguinsk Regiment 1797

R84       Novgorod Regiment 1797

R85       Old Ingermanland  1797

R86       Staryoskol Regiment  1797

R87       Podolsk Regiment 1803

R88       Voronezh Regiment  1797

R89       Rostov Regiment  1797

R90       Vologda Regiment  1803

R91       Ukraine Regiment 1797

R92       Lithuania Regiment  1797

R93       Tula Regiment  1797

R94        Korporsk Regiment 1803

R95        Kaluga Regiment  1806

R96        Wilna Regiment  1806

R97        Pensa Regiment   1806

R98        Crimea Regiment   1803

R99        Volhynie Regiment  1803

R100     Mohilev Regiment  1806

R101     Pernov Regiment   1803

R102     Galitz Regiment  1803

R103     Estonia Regiment  1806

R104     Odessa Regiment   1806                                                                     

R105     Libau 1803 pattern

R106     Orel, 1800 pattern

R107     Lithuania, 1800 pattern

R108     Siberia, 1800 pattern

R109     Smolensk, 1800 pattern

R110     Archangel, 1800 pattern

R111     Kabardinsk, 1800 pattern

R112     Preobrazhenski Regt. Guard 1814 pattern

R113     Ismailovski Regt.  Guard 1814 pattern

R114     Semionovski Regt. Guard 1814 pattern

R115     Litovski Regt. Guard 1814 pattern

R116    Finlandski Regt. Guard 1814 pattern

R117    Pavlov Regt. Guard 1814 pattern

R118    Yegerski ( Jaeger ). Guard 1814 pattern

R119    Marines. Guard 1814 pattern

R120    Leib Regt. Guard 1814 pattern

Packs contain one white and one coloured flag, suitable for the first battalion of each regiment.Second and subsequent battalions would have carried two coloured flags. Packs containing two 'coloured' flags are available as special prints. Add 'a' to the code number  eg.  R1a. ( a code packs £4.00 )

Russian Napoleonic Cavalry   1797~1815  ( shop link Russian Cavalry 1797 to 1815 )

Rc1        Emperor Kurassier Regiment  1797~1815                                                                   

Rc2        Empress Kurassier  Regiment  1797~1815                                                                   

Rc3        Military Order Kurassier Regiment  1797~1815                                                        

Rc4        Astrakhan Kurassier Regiment  1812~1815                                                                 

Rc5        Little Russia Kurassier Regiment  1797~1815                                                            

Rc6        Ekaterinoslav Kurassier Regiment  1797~1815                                                         

Rc7       Glukhov Kurassier Regiment  1797~1815                                                                    

Rc8        Novgorod Kurassier Regiment  1812~1815                                                                 

Rc9        Moscow Dragoon Regiment  1797~1815                                                                      

Rc10     Ingermanland Dragoon Regiment  1797~1815                                                          

Rc11      Pskov Dragoon Regiment  1797~1812          until  Dec. 1812 , then Cuirassier        

Rc12     Kargopol Dragoon Regiment  1797~1815                                                                    

Rc13     Siberia Dragoon Regiment  1797~1812                until Dec 1812, then Lancer          

Rc14     Orenburg Dragoon Regiment  1797~1812            until Dec 1812, then Lancer        

Rc15     Irkutsk Dragoon Regiment  1797~1815                                                                        

Rc16     Kharkov Dragoon Regiment  1802~1815                                                                      

Rc17     Tchernigov Dragoon Regiment  1802~1815                                                                

Rc18     New Russia Dragoon Regiment  1802~1815                                                                

Rc19     Kiev Dragoon Regiment  1803~1815                                                                              

Rc20     Kazan Kurassier Regiment  1797~1802                       Dragoon   1802 - 1815    

Rc21     Riazan  Kurassiers                1797~1802                      Dragoon 1802 - 1815          

Rc22     Nejinsky Kurassiers                                                                                                                

Rc23     Rejinsky Kurassiers                                                                                                                

Rc24     Sofia Kurassier Regiment  1797                                                                                        

Rc25     Kiev Kurassier regiment  1797~1803                                                                            

Rc26     Starodub Kurassier Regiment  1812~1815                Dragoons until Dec 1812          

Rc27     Kharkov Kurassier Regiment  1797                                                                                

Rc28     Tchernigov Kurassier Regiment  1797                                                                          

Rc29     Iamburg Kurassier Regiment  1797~1812                     Lancer from Dec 1812          

Rc30     Neploviev Kurassier Regiment  1797                                                                             

Rc31     Friderista Kurassier Regiment  1797                                                                              

Rc32     Zorna Kurassier Regiment  1797                                                                                      

Rc33     Astrakhan Dragoon Regt  1797                                                                                         

Rc34     Hastatova Dragoon Regt.  1797                                                                                        

Rc35     Narva   Dragoon Regt.  1797~1815                                                                                  

Rc36     Nizhnii-Novgorod  Dragoon Regt.   1797~1815                                                         

Rc37     Rostov  Dragoon Regt.  1797~1815                                                                                 

Rc38     Seversk  Dragoon Regt.   1797~1815                          Horse Jager from Dec 1812                      

Rc39     Shreidersa Dragoon Regt.    1797                                                                                     

Rc40     Simbrisk  Dragoon Regt.  1797                                                                                          

Rc41     Smolensk  Dragoon Regt.  1797~1815                                                                            

Rc42     St Petersburg  Dragoon Regt.   1797~1815                                                                   

Rc43     Taganrod  Dragoon Regt.   1797~1815                                                                           

Rc44     Borisoglebsk Dragoon Regt.  1803~1815                                                                      

Rc45     Pereyaslavl Dragoon Regt.  1803~1815            Horse Jager from Dec 1812              

Rc46     Zhitomir Dragoon Regt.  1803~1812               Lancer from Dec 1812                  

Rc47     Tiraspol Dragoon Regt.  1803~1812                Horse Jager from Dec 1812        

Rc48     Stardobov Dragoon Regt.  1803~1812             Horse Jager from Dec 1812       

Rc49     Pavlograd Hussars  1803~1815                                                                                         

Rc50     1803 pattern cavalry. White Regimental and green squadron.                           

Rc51     1803 pattern cavalry. Two green squadron standards.                                          

Rc52     Poland Uhlan Regt. ( 24 Lance Pennons )                                                                     

Rc53     Lithuanian Uhlan Regt. ( 24 Lance Pennons )                                                             

Rc54     Tartar Uhlan Regt. ( 24 Lance Pennons )                                                                       

Rc55     Volhynia Uhlan Regt ( 24 Lance Pennons )                                                                  

Rc56     Chuguev Uhlan Regt. ( 24 Lance Pennons )                                                                  

Rc57     Vladimir Uhlan Regt. ( 24 Lance Pennons )                                                                 

Rc58     Taganrog Uhlan Regt ( 24 Lance Pennons )                                                                  

Rc59     Iamburg Uhlan Regt. ( 24 Lance Pennons )                                                                  

Rc60     Orenburg Uhlan Regt. ( 24 Lance Pennons )                                                                

Rc61     Siberia Uhlan Regt. ( 24 Lance Pennons )                                                                     

Rc62     Zhitomir Uhlan Regt. ( 24 Lance Pennons )                                                                 

Rc63     Serpukov Uhlan Regt ( 24 Lance Pennons )                                                                 

Rc64     Bug Cossacks ( I )  one white & one coloured                                                               

Rc65     Bug Cossacks ( II )  two coloured                                                                                      

Rc66     Lithuanian Tartars ( I )  one white & one coloured                                                   

Rc67     Lithuanian Tartars ( II )  two coloured                                                                          

Rc68     1st Black Sea Cossacks ( I )  one white & one coloured                                            

Rc69     1st Black Sea Cossacks ( II )  two coloured                                                                   

Rc70    2nd Black Sea Cossacks ( I )  one white & one coloured                                          

Rc71     2nd Black Sea Cossacks ( II )  two coloured                                                                 

Rc72     1st Tchougoviev Cossacks ( I )  one white & one coloured                                    

Rc73     1st Tchougoviev Cossacks ( II )  two coloured                                                           

Rc74     2nd Tchougoviev Cossacks ( I )  one white & one coloured                                  

Rc75     2nd Tchougoviev Cossacks ( II )  two coloured                                                         

Rc76     Polish Light Horse ( I )  one white & one coloured                                                    

Rc77    Polish Light Horse ( II )  two coloured  


British Napoleonic Infantry 1808~1815 ( shop link British Infantry 1808 to 1815 )

This is the browsing list. Please use the categories in the side menu for ordering via the shopping cart.

Packs contain both Kings and Regimental colours for each battalion.

B 1         4th ( Kings Own Royal Regiment )                                                                   

B 2         52nd ( Oxford Light Infantry )                                                                          

B 3         92nd ( Gordon Highlanders ) 1808~14                                                          

B 4         23rd ( Royal Welsh Fusiliers )                                                                           

B 5         3rd ( East Kent~The Buffs )                                                                                 

B 6         14th ( Buckinghamshire Regt.)                                                                         

B 7        1st ( Royal Scots Regt.) 1801~1814                                                                

B 8         6th ( 1st Warwickshire Regt.)                                                                              

B 9         Kings German Legion  ( Peninsula )                                                               

B10       33rd ( 1st Yorkshire West Riding )                                                                    

B11        1st Foot Guards, 3rd Batt.  Waterloo 1815                                                     

B12       2nd ( Coldstream ) Guards 2nd Batt. Waterloo 1815                                 

B13       1st ( Royal Scots ) Regt. 1815                                                                            

B14       57th ( West Middlesex ) Regt.                                                                           

B15       32nd ( Cornwall ) Regt.                                                                                         

B16       28th ( North Gloucestershire ) Regt.   


B17       44th ( East Essex ) Regt.                                                                                      

B18       2nd ( Queens Royal ) Regt.                                                                                  

B19       27th ( Inneskilling ) Foot. 1st batt.                                                                   

B20       7th ( Royal Fusiliers )                                                                                           

B21       62nd ( Wiltshire ) Regt.                                                                                        

B22       24th (2nd Warwickshire ) Regt                                                                           

B23       74th ( Highland ) Foot                                                                                          

B24       5th ( Northumberland ) Regt.                                                                           

B25       29th (Worcestershire ) Regt.                                                                             

B26       9th ( East Norfolk ) Regt.                                                                                     

B27       69th ( South Lincolnshire ) Regt                                                                      

B28       27th ( Inneskilling ) Regt. 2nd Batt.        


B29       42nd ( Royal Highland ~ Black Watch )       

B30       92nd ( Gordon Highlanders ) Waterloo 1815                                              

B31       48th ( Northamptonshire ) Regt.                                                                     

B32       76th ( Hindoostan ) Regt.                                                                                   

B33       30th ( Cambridgeshire ) Regt.                                                                           

B34       36th ( Herefordshire ) Regt.                                                                               

B35       10th ( North Lincolnshire ) Regt.                                                                    

B36       8th ( Kings Liverpool ) Regt.                                                                              

B37       79th ( Cameron Highlanders )                                                                          

B38       47th ( Lancashire ) Regt.                                                                                     

B39       51st ( 2nd Yorkshire West Riding ) Light Infantry.                                    

B40       40th (2nd Somersetshire ) Regt                                                                         

B41       26th Foot ( Cameronians )                                                                                  

B42       71st ( Glasgow Highland ) Light Infantry                                                     

B43       73rd Foot.                                                                                                                 

B44       11th ( North Devonshire ) Regt.                                                                       

B45       20th ( East Devonshire ) Regt.                                                                          

B46       31st ( Huntingdonshire ) Regt                                                                           

B47       34th ( Cumberland ) Regt                                                                                    

B48       38th (1st Staffordshire ) Foot                                                                              

B49       39th ( Dorsetshire ) Regt.                                                                                    

B50       43rd ( Monmouthshire ) Light Infantry                                                        

B51       45th ( 1st Nottinghamshire ) Foot 

B52       50th ( West Kent ) Regt. * info at the list end                                                                             

B53       53rd ( Shropshire ) Regt. 

B54       58th ( Rutlandshire ) Regt.                                                                                 

B55       59th ( 2nd Nottinghamshire ) Regt                                                                   

B56       61st ( South Gloucestershire ) Foot                                                                

B57       66th ( Berkshire ) Regt.                                                                                        

B58       67th (South Hampshire ) Foot                                                                          

B59       68th ( Durham ) Light Infantry                                                                         

B60       77th ( East Middlesex ) Regt     


B61       81st Foot                                                                                                                    

B62       82nd (The Prince of Wales’ Volunteers )                                                       

B63       83rd Foot                                                                                                                   

B64       84th ( York and Lancaster ) Regt.                                                                   

B65       85th ( Bucks Volunteer ) Light Infantry                                                       

B66       87th ( Prince of Wales’ Irish )                                                                            

B67       88th ( Connaught Rangers )                                                                               

B68       91st Foot                                                                                                                    

B69       94th ( Scots Brigade )                                                                                            

B70      97th ( Queens Own Germans )                                                                           

B71       1st Foot Guards, 1st batt.  1808~14                                                                 

B72       1st Foot Guards, 2nd batt.  Waterloo 1815                                                    

B73       1st Foot Guards, 3rd batt.  1808~14                                                                

B74       2nd Coldstream Guards, 1st batt. 1808~14                                                   

B75       3rd ( Scots ) Guards, 1st batt.  1808~14                                                          

B76       3rd ( Scots ) Guards, 2nd batt.  1808~14                                                        

B77      3rd ( Scots ) Guards, 2nd batt.  Waterloo 1815                                            

B78       Kings German Legion,  Waterloo 1815                                                         

B79       18th Foot ( Royal Irish  ) Regt   

B80       55th Foot ( Westmorland Regt )                                                                     

B81       86th Foot ( Royal County Down )                                                                  

B82       99th Foot                                                                                                                 

B83       100th Foot                                                                                                            

B84       101st Foot                                                                                                               

B85       50th Foot.  With black field.  *see below           

B86      Royal Marines  1802 - 1827  ( this flag was issued in 1810 )  

 1768 Royal Warrant.

 ‘The second colour to be the colour of the facing of the regiment, with the union in the upper canton; except those

regiments which are faced with red, white or black.The second colour of regiments faced red or white is to be the

red cross of st george in a white field, and the union in the upper canton.The second colour of those which are faced

in black, is to be st george cross throughout; union in the upper canton; the three other cantons black

*in fact this was never put into effect, the Regimental colour of regiments with black facings being as those

with red and white facings.

There is still confusion though. According to inspection returns for the 50th Foot, that regiment received issues of

colours in 1763, 1778 and 1786; none of the inspection returns records the colours being white, or in any way

non-regulation, even though the 1786 inspection remarks on the 1777(1778) colours being so bad that virtually

only the poles remained.

The 58th Foot are recorded as receiving colours in 1763, again no mention of white.

The 64th received colours in 1766, again no reference to them being non-regulation.

There are no surviving records regarding the issue of colours to the 70th and 89th Foot between 1768 and 1796.

The research

50th Foot.  From the Regimental historian of the 50th Foot - 'We've got the 1768 one hanging on the wall in the

gallery - white St George '

64th Foot. They certainly had a white colour during the Napoleonic Wars - the colour still survives in the

Staffs museum.


British Napoleonic Cavalry    (  shop link British Cavalry 1808 to 1815 )

Bc1         2nd or Royal North British Dragoons ( Scots Greys )                                 

Bc2        Kings Dragoon Guards                                                                                           

Bc3        1st Heavy Dragoons K.G.L. ( Light Dragoons 1813~15 )                            

Bc4        2nd  Heavy Dragoons K.G.L. ( Light Dragoons 1813~15 )                         

Bc5        1st or Royal Dragoons                                                                                             

Bc6        3rd or Kings Own Regt of Dragoons                                                                    

Bc 7       1st Lifeguards.  Waterloo 1815                                                                             

Bc8        2nd Lifeguards. Waterloo 1815                                                                            

Bc9        Royal Horse Guards ( 1 ).  Waterloo 1815                                                      

Bc10      Royal Horse Guards ( 2 ).  Waterloo 1815  


Bc11      6th or Inneskilling Dragoons                                                                                

Bc12      1st Lifeguards. 1803~14                                                                                         

Bc13      2nd Lifeguards. 1803~14                                                                                        

Bc14      Royal Horse Guards ( 1 ). 1803~14                                                                   

Bc15      Royal Horse Guards ( 2 ). 1803~14                                                                  

Bc16      7th ( Queens Own ) Hussars, Waterloo 1815                                                  

Bc17      10th (Prince of Wales Own ) Hussars, Waterloo 1815.                               

Bc18      15th ( Kings ) Hussars, Waterloo 1815.                                                             

Bc19      18th Hussars, Waterloo 1815.                                                                              

Bc20     11th Light Dragoons                                                                                                 

Bc21      12th (  Prince of Wales ) Light Dragoons                                                            

Bc22      13th Light Dragoons                                                                                                 

Bc23      16th  ( Queens ) Light Dragoons                                                                           

Bc24      23rd Light Dragoons                                                                                                 

Bc25      14th Light Dragoons                 


Hanoverian Infantry Regiments.  1813-15   ( shop link Hanoverian )

This is the browsing list. Please use the categories in the side menu for ordering via the shopping cart.

HA1         Feld Bataillon Hoya ( black , wreath& sword/cross- mit gott.) paired with a conjectural flag.

HA2        Landwehr Bataillon Gifhorn ( Yellow, white horse & Oak tree ) & conjectural white flag

HA3        Unknown ( based on descriptions  - white with hanovarian horse on red disc ) & variant.

HA4        Feld Bataillon Calenburg ( white, green wreath with motto ) & white with  hanover crest variant

HA5        Blue faced regts – centre GR III in wreath &  white ‘king’s’ colour with white horse on red central.

HA6        Red ground – centre GR III in wreath &  white ‘king’s’ colour with white horse on red central.

HA7        Green faced regts – centre GR III in wreath &  white ‘king’s’ colour with white horse on red central.

HA8        King’s colours – based on SYW and surviving post 1815 flags. White with Arms of Hanover, fringed

HA9        King’s colours – based on SYW and surviving post 1815 flags. White with Arms of Hanover, no fringe

HA10      Yellow faced regts – centre GR III in wreath &  white ‘king’s’ colour with white horse on red central.

Prussian Infantry & Cavalry  1813~1815  ( shop link Prussian Infantry and Cavalry 1813 to 1815 )

Pr 82 to Pr 84 have flags for two Grenadier battalions.

In 1814 the Grenadier battalions were formed into two 'Garde Grenadier ' Regiments:

 Leib Grenadier Bttn.                ~         1st Bttn. Kaiser Alexander Garde Grenadier Regt.

1st East Prussian Grenadiers     ~         2nd Bttn. Kaiser Alexander Garde Grenadier Regt.

2nd East Prussian Grenadiers    ~         Fusilier bttn. Kaiser Alexander Garde Grenadier Regt.

Pommeranian Grenadiers        ~         1st bttn. Kaiser Franz Garde Grenadier Regt.

West Prussian Grenadiers       ~          2nd bttn. Kaiser Franz Garde Grenadier Regt.

Silesian Grenadiers                  ~         Fusilier bttn. Kaiser Franz Garde Grenadier Regt.


Pr 71      1st ( 1st East Prussian ) Regiment,   1st and 2nd battalions                                                   

Pr 72      2nd ( 1st Pommeranian ) Regiment,   1st and 2nd battalions                                               

Pr 73      3rd (2nd East Prussian ) Regiment,   1st and 2nd battalions                                                 

Pr 74      4th ( 3rd East Prussian ) Regiment,    1st and 2nd battalions                                                

Pr 75      5th (4th East Prussian ) Regiment,    1st and 2nd battalions                                                 

Pr 76      6th ( 1st West Prussian ) Regiment,    1st and 2nd battalions                                               

Pr 77     7th ( 2nd West Prussian ) Regiment,    1st and 2nd battalions                                             

Pr 78      8th ( 1st Brandenburg ) Regiment,     1st and 2nd battalions                                                

Pr 79      9th ( 2nd Pommeranian ) Regiment.  ( Colberg Infantry Regt.)   1st and 2nd battalions       

Pr 80      10th ( 1st Silesian ) Regiment,    1st and 2nd battalions                                                          

Pr 81      11th ( 2nd Silesian ) Regiment,    1st and 2nd battalions                                                         

Pr 82      1st and 2nd East Prussian Grenadier Battalions                                                                     

Pr 83      West Prussian and Silesian Grenadier Battalions                                                               

Pr 84      Pommeranian and Leib Grenadier Battalions                                                                      

Pr 85      1st Guard Foot Regiment                                                                                                               

Pr 86      2nd Guard Foot Regiment                                                                                                              

Pr  87     Landwehr (variant 1 ) Black with large white cross and inscription.                         

Pr  88     Landwehr (variant 2 ) 'off white with black cross lined in gold.                                   

Pr  89     East Prussian Landwehr and Reserve units. Black Eagle on White                             

Pr  92     Silesian Landwehr and Reserve units. Black Eagle on yellow shield                          

Pr  93     Pommeranian Landwehr and Reserve units. Red Griffin                                                

Pr  94     Brandenburg Landwehr and Reserve units. Red Eagle.                                                   

Pr  95     Westfalian Landwehr and Reserve units.                                                                               

Pr96       Prussian Landwehr and Reserves. Black with ornate gold cross decoration. black eagle on white centre.           

Pr97       Prussian Landwehr and Reserves. Black .Large black eagle on white centre shield         

Pr98       Prussian Landwehr and Reserves. Black with ornate gold cross decoration. Red Brandenburg eagle onwhite centre.   

Pr99       Prussian Landwehr and Reserves. Black .Large Red Pomeranian griffin on white centre shield                

Prc 1       1st and 2nd Dragoons                                                                                                                        

Prc 2      3rd and 4th Dragoons                                                                                                                        

Prc 3      5th and 6th Dragoons                                                                                                                        

PrL1       Kurmark Landwehr lance pennons     ( 24 )                                                                          

PrL2       Pommeranian Landwehr lance pennons  ( 24 )                                                                   

PrL3       Neumark Landwehr lance pennons  ( 24 )                                                                             

PrL4       Westfalian Landwehr lance pennons  ( 24 )                                                                          

PrL5       Elbe Landwehr lance pennons   ( 24 )                                                                                      

PrL6       Silesian Landwehr lance pennons  ( 24 )                                                                                

PrL7       1st West Prussian Uhlan Regt  1808~14    ( white over blue )                                         

PrL8       2nd West Prussian Uhlan Regt  1808~14    ( white over red )                                          

PrL9       3rd West Prussian Uhlan Regt  1808~14     ( white over yellow )                                   

PrL10    Silesian Uhlan Regt.  1808~14   ( red over blue )                                                                

PrL11     Brandenburg Uhlan Regt.  1808~14     ( yellow over blue )                                            

PrL12     Freiwilliger Jager, Brandenburg Regt.  1808~14   ( yellow over green )                  

PrL13     Prussian Uhlan Regiments 1815.  ( Black over white )                                                     

Not much is known of the flags carried by the Landwehr and Reserve battalions. There was no official issue to these units, but some, if not all, carried a flag with either the cross or eagle device in the centre; usually accompanied by a patriotic slogan. It is believed  that the Silesian units used their state crest. I have assumed that the Pommeranians and Brandenburgers would have followed this practice.

The flags would have been painted or even embroidered by wives and mothers and often presented to the troops by the Mayors of their home towns. There were no regulations to govern them, so each flag would have been an interpretation of the eagle or cross of Prussia.  

Austrian Napoleonic Infantry  1792 to 1815  ( shop link Austrian )

Three different patterns were issued during this period :  1792, 1804 and 1806. The older flags

continued to be carried until they were worn out, it is quite possible that a combination of all

three patterns would have been seen in the later campaigns; some altered to conform to new regulations, others as they were issued.

A1               German Line Infantry 1806                                                                                                 

A2               Line Infantry 1804 ( German & Hungarian )                                                                 

A3               Hungarian Line Infantry 1806                                                                                            

A4               Line Infantry 1804 ( altered to 1806 regs.)                                                                  

A5               Line Infantry 1792 ( German & Hungarian )                                                                 

A6               Grenz Infantry 1806             

Ac1             Austrian Cavalry  1806  ( German )                                                                                  

Ac2            Austrian Lance pennons                                                                                                       

Ac3            Austrian Cavalry  1806  ( Hungarian )                                                                             

Ac4            Austrian Cavalry  1792  ( German and Hungarian regts carried the same flag )               


Codes A1 to A5 have one Leibfahne and one Ordinarfahne.A6 has two Ordinarfahnen - Grenz regiments did not carry their Leibfahne in the field.

Portuguese Napoleonic Infantry  ( shop link Portuguese )

Codes P1, P2 and P3 have white, scarlet or yellow regimental colours and follow the regulation pattern for Line Infantry regiments.

P1              Line Infantry, centre grand division.  ( white lined coats )                 

P2              Line Infantry, southern grand division ( scarlet lined coats )           

P3              Line Infantry, Northern grand division ( yellow lined coats )           

P4              9th Line Infantry Regiment ( de Viano )         


P5              Cavalry, Northern grand Division ( yellow )                                             

P6              Cavalry, Centre grand division ( white )                                                      

P7         Cavalry, Southern grand division ( red )             

Spanish Napoleonic Infantry  ( shop link Spanish )

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Ten packs , they can be used for other regiments by altering the ( very small ) coats of arms in the corner badges

Sp1         Regiment Hibernia or Irlanda                       

Sp2         Regiment ' El Rey '                                               

Sp3         Infantry Regiment ( arms of  Leon )            

Sp4         2nd Regiment Voluntarios de Barcelona                

Sp5         Regiment Macarquibir                                     

Sp6        Infantry Regiment (arms of Castile )

Sp7         Infantry Regiment ( arms of Aragon )

Sp8        Infantry Regiment ( arms of  Granada )

Sp9         Infantry Regiment ' Murcia '

Sp10       Infantry Regiment de Saragossa

United Netherlands ( Dutch/Belgian ) 1815  ( shop link United Netherlands (Dutch/Belgian) 1815 )

DB1        Regular Infantry Regiments                   

DB2        Militia Infantry Regiments                     

DB3        Light Infantry ( Jager ) Regiments      

DB4       Regular Cavalry Regiments ( white )                                                                                             

DB5       Light cavalry Regiments ( Yellow )                                                                                                



German States ( Nassau , Brunswick , Kleve-Berg ,

 Wurttemburg & Hesse-Darmstadt )  ( shop link German States ( Kleve-Berg , Wurttemberg & Hesse-Darmstadt) )

GS1           Nassau Infantry ( Flags carried during French service and Waterloo )  

GS2           Brunswick Infantry, 1st Line battalion                                                                   

GS3           Brunswick Infantry, 2nd Line battalion                                                                 

GS4           Brunswick Infantry, 3rd Line battalion                                                                  

GSC1        Brunswick lance pennons  


GS5           Grand Duchy of Kleve-Berg, 1st Infantry Regiment  ( 1st & 2nd Battalions. )   1809~1812                 

GS6           Grand Duchy of Kleve-Berg, 2nd Infantry Regiment  ( 1st & 2nd Battalions. )   1809~1812               

GS7          Grand Duchy of Kleve-Berg, 3rd Infantry Regiment  ( 1st & 2nd Battalions. )   1809~1812                

GS8           Grand Duchy of Kleve-Berg, 4th Infantry Regiment  ( 1st & 2nd Battalions. )   1811~1812                 

GS9           Prinz Paul  Regiment, Grand Duchy of Wurttemburg, 1811~14                 

GS10        Prinz Wilhelm Regiment, Grand Duchy of Wurttemburg,  1811~14         

GS11         3rd Infantry Regiment, Grand Duchy of Wurttemburg, 1811~14               

GS12        Franquemont Regiment, Grand Duchy of Wurttemburg, 1811~14           

GS13        Prinz Friedrich Regiment, Grand Duchy of Wurttemburg, 1811~14        

GS14        Kronprinz Regiment, Grand Duchy of Wurttemburg, 1811~14                  

GS15        7th Infantry Regiment, Grand Duchy of Wurttemburg, 1811~14               

GS16        8th Infantry Regiment, Grand Duchy of Wurttemburg, 1811~14               

GS17        9th Infantry regiment, Grand Duchy of Wurttemburg, 1811~14                

GS18        1st Chevau-Legers, Grand Duchy of Wurttemburg, 1811~14                        

GS19        2nd Chevau-Legers, Grand Duchy of Wurttemburg, 1811~14                      


GS21        Leibe-Garde Regiment, 1st Battalion. Hesse-Darmstadt 1806~1814        

GS22        Leibe-Garde Regiment, 2nd Battalion. Hesse-Darmstadt 1806~1814       

GS23        Leibe-Regiment, 1st Battalion. Hesse-Darmstadt 1806~1814                      

GS24        Leibe-Regiment, 2nd Battalion. Hesse-Darmstadt 1806~1814                    

GS25        Erbprinz Regiment, 1st Battalion. Hesse-Darmstadt 1806~1814                

GS26        Erbprinz Regiment, 2nd Battalion. Hesse-Darmstadt 1806~1814              


     Saxon Infantry 1811-15   ( shop link  Saxons 1811 to 1815 )

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Standards ordered in 1807 did not reach regiments until 1811.


SA2         Konig Regiment  (dark red ) 1811 -1812

SA3         Prinz Anton Regiment  ( Deep blue ) 1811- 1812

SA4         Prinz Clements Regiment (Green) 1811- 1812

SA5         Prinz Maximilien Regiment ( Yellow ) 1811- 1812

SA6         Prinz Friedrich August Regiment ( Green ) 1811-1812     

SA7         Von Low Regiment (Deep blue)  1811- 1812

SA8         Von Niesemeuschel Regiment ( dark red ) carried the Leibfahne after 1812 ( Ordinarfahne lost )

SA9         Von Rechten Regiment 1811- 1812 – This is the embroidered crimson/dk red flag ordered in 1807 ( delivered in 1811) The facing colour changed to yellow in 1810 – but I can find no mention of a yellow flag. Four sources say crimson or Carmine. 

Prinz Anton Regiment  ( Sa3 ) by Barry Hilton

SA10       Konig Regiment  1813.  Lost Leibfahne replaced by that of the disbanded Cerinni Regt

SA11       Von Rechten Regiment 1813.  Lost Ordinarfahne replaced by that of the disbanded Burgsdorff Regt (yellow)

SA12       Von Niesemeuschel Regiment 1813.  Lost Ordinarfahne replaced by that of the disbanded Cerinni Regt

SA13       Prinz Maximilien Regiment 1813.  Lost Leibfahne replaced by that of the disbanded Burgsdorff Regt

SA14       Prinz Friedrich August Regiment  1813.  Lost both but replacements were made and issued ( heroic conduct)

SA15       Prinz Clements Regiment 1813.  Kept both flags

SA16       Prinz Anton Regiment  1813. Lost both – replaced with those of the Oebschelwitz Regt  ( Sky blue)

SA17       Von Low Regiment 1813   Lost both – replaced with those of the Dyherrn Regt  ( Sky blue)


Westphalian Napoleonic Infantry   ( shop link Westphalian )

W1          1st Line Infantry Regt                                             

W2         2nd Line Infantry Regt                                           

W3         3rd Line Infantry Regt                                                                                                            

W4         4th Line Infantry Regt                                                                                                            

W5         5th Line Infantry Regt                                                                                                            

W6         6th Line Infantry Regt                                                                                                             

 W7        7th Line Infantry Regt  

 W8        8th Line Infantry Regt  

Neapolitan Napoleonic Infantry  1809~1815  ( shop link Neapolitan )

N1         1st & 2nd Line Regiments  1810~1815                                                                                         

N2        3rd & 4th Line Regiments  1809~1815                                                                                        

N3        5th & 6th Line Regiments   1809~1815                                                                                       

N4        7th & 8th Line Regiments   1809~1815                                                                                       

N5        1st & 2nd Light Regiments   1809~1815                                                                                      

N6        3rd & 4th Light Regiments   1809~1815                                                                                      


 Italian Napoleonic Infantry 1808~1813   ( shop link Italian 1808 to 1813 )

It1        1st  Line Infantry Regiment ( 1st & 2nd batt)                                                                         

It2        2nd  Line Infantry Regiment                     

It3        3rd  Line Infantry Regiment                            

It4        4th  Line Infantry Regiment    

It5        5th  Line Infantry Regiment   

It6        6th  Line Infantry Regiment    

It7        7th  Line Infantry Regiment    

It8        1st  Light Infantry Regiment      

It9        2nd Light Infantry Regiment     

It10     3rd  Light Infantry Regiment                                                                                         

It11      4th  Light Infantry Regiment     

It12      Royal Guard Grenadiers     

It13      Royal Guard Carabiniers  


Bavarian Napoleonic Infantry   ( shop link  Bavarian )

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Duchy of Warsaw    ( shop link  Duchy of Warsaw )

DW1     1st Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                                             

DW2    2nd Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                                            

DW3    3rd Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                                            

DW4    4th Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                                            

DW5    5th Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                                            

DW6    6th Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                                            

DW7    7th Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                                            

DW8    8th Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                                            

DW9    9th Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                                            

DW10  10th Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                                          

DW11  11th Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                                          

DW12  No number Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                          

DW13  13th Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                                          

DW14  14th Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                                          

DW15  17th Regiment, Line Infantry, Duchy of Warsaw.                                                          

DW16   Cavalry standard , Duchy of Warsaw.                                                                               


Vistula Legion and Polish Napoleonic   ( shop link Vistula Legion )


POL1       Vistula Legion, 1st Regt. 1st and 2nd Battalions.                              

POL2       Vistula Legion, 2nd Regt. 1st and 2nd Battalions.                            

POL3       Vistula Legion, 3rd Regt. 1st and 2nd Battalions.                             

POL4       Vistula Legion, 4th Regt. 1st and 2nd Battalions.                             

POL5       Vistula Legion, Lancers. 1st and 2nd Squadrons.                           

POL6       Vistula Legion, Lancers. 3rd and 4th  Squadrons.                          

POL7       Vistula Legion, Lance Pennons                                                           

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