French Infantry Regiments   1569~1791  

( War of Spanish Succession, Seven Years War )          


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SYF01  Regiment de Picardie    1569~1791

SYF02  Regiment de Champagne   1569~1791
SYF03  Regiment de Navarre   1589~1791-
SYF 4- Regiment de Piemont   1569~1791-
SYF 5-Regiment de Normandie   1616~1791
SYF 6-Regiment de La Marine   1636~1791
SYF 7-Regiment deLa Tour Du Pin-
SYF 8-Regiment de Bourbonnais   1584~1791-
SYF 9-Regiment d’Auvergne   1636~1791-
SYF10-Regiment de Monaco-
SYF11-Regiment de Talarue-
SYF12-Regiment Du Roi    1663~1791
SYF13-Regiment Royal   1663~1791-
SYF14-Regiment de Poitou   1682~1791-
SYF15-Regiment de Lyonnais   1660~1791-
SYF16 -Regiment duDauphin -
SYF17-Regiment deVaubecourt-
SYF18-Regiment deTouraine-
SYF19 -Regiment d’Aquitaine     1753~1791-
SYF20-Regiment d’Eu   1736~1775-
SYF21 -Regiment de Saint Chamond    1749~1791
SYF22 -Regiment de Montmorin    -
SYF23 -Regiment de Briqueville     -
SYF24-Regiment deLa Reine   1661~1791-
SYF25 -Regiment de Limousin     1684~1791-
SYF26 -Regiment Royal Vaisseaux     1649~1791-
SYF27-Regiment d’Orleans   1660~1791-
SYF28 -Regiment deLa Couronne     1663~1791-
SYF29 -Regiment de Bretagne    1651~1791-
SYF30 -Regiment Gardes Lorraine     1740~1766-
SYF31-Regiment d’Artois   1673~1773-
SYF32- Regiment deRohan   1740~1763-
SYF33-Regiment deLa Roche Aymon   -
SYF34-Regiment deLa Sarre   1686~1791-
SYF35 -Regiment  deLa Fere     1661~1791-
SYF37-Regiment Royal Roussillon   1667~1791-
SYF38 -Regiment de Conde     1644~1791-
SYF39-Regiment deBourbon   1667~1791--
SYF96 -  Regiment  de Chatres  
SYF41-Regiment de Beauvoisis    1685~1791-
SYF42-Regiment de Rouergue   1671~1791-
SYF43-Regiment de Bourgogne   1668~1791--
SYF44 -Regiment Royal La Marine     1669~1791-
SYF45 -Regiment deVermandois           1669~1791
SYF53-Regiment deLanguedoc     1672~1791
SYF54 - Regiment d’Aumont
SYF55 - Regiment de Waldner  ( Swiss )
SYF56 -Regiment de Medoc       1691~1791
SYF57 -Regiment de Puysegur
SYF58 -Regiment de Vastan
SYF59 -Regiment Royal Comtois        1685~1791
SYF60 -Regiment de Durfort       1702~unknown
SYF61 -Regiment de Provence       1675~1780
SYF62 Regiment de Cambis
SYF63  Regiment de La Planta  ( Swiss )
SYF64  Regiment de Saint Mauris
SYF65   Regiment de Nice  *
SYF68-Regiment de Guyenne        1684~1762
SYF69 -Regiment de Lorraine         1684~1762
SYF70-Regiment deFlandres         1684~1762
SYF71-Regiment  de Berry            1684~1762
SYF72-Regiment de Bearn            1684~1762
SYF73-Regiment de Hainault          1684~1762
SYF76 -  Regiment de Perigord         1684~1775     
SYF77-Regiment de Saintonge         1684~1791
SYF78 -  Regiment de Bigorre              1684~1763
SYF79 -  Regiment de Forez             1684~1775     
SYF80 -  Regiment de Cambresis     1684~1775      
SYF81 -  Regiment de Tournaisis        1684~1775
SYF82- Regiment de Foix                  1684~1791
SYF83 - Regiment de Bresse               1684~1763
SYF84 - Regiment deLa Marche       1684~1762
SYF85 - Regiment de Quercy         1684~1776
SYF86 - Regiment deComte La Marche 
SYF87 - Regiment deBrie           1727~1762   new
SYF88- Regiment de Soissonais   1630~1791
SYF90 -  Regiment de Diesbach  ( Swiss )  1721~1791
SYF92-  Regiment de Bulkeley ( Irish )   1690~1775
SYF93-  Regiment deClare ( Irish )     1690~1775
SYF94-  Regiment  deDillon ( Irish )   1690~1791
SYF97 -  Regiment  de Conti    1649~1791
SYF98-  Regiment de Rooth / Walsh ( Irish )
SYF100*-  Regiment  d’Enghien   *   1706~1791
SYF106-Regiment  d Royal Lorraine     1744~1762
SYF107- Regiment Royal Barrois   1744~1762
SYF109-  Regiment Lally ( Irish )    1744~
SYF115-  Regiment Royal Pologne  ( German )   1740~1760
SYF118-  Regiment Royal Deux Ponts
SYF125-  Garde Francaises
SYF126-  Corps des Grenadiers de France   1749~1771
SYF127-  Garde Suisse
SYF128-  Corps des Grenadiers Royaux . 

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  French Cavalry Regiments

SYFC01    Gendarmes de Berry & d’Orleans
SYFC02    Guard Musketeers
SYFC03    Mestre de Camp General
SYFC04    Regiment Royal
SYFC05    Regiment du Roi
SYFC06    Royal Etranger
SYFC07    Cuirassiers du Roi
SYFC08    Royal Cravattes
SYFC09    Royal Roussillon
SYFC10    Royal Piemont
SYFC11    Royal Allemand
SYFC12    Royal de Carabiniers
SYFC13    Royal Pologne
SYFC14    Dauphin
SYFC16    Colonel-General
SYFC24    Cavalerie Regt  Fitzjames ( Yellow, silver lace )
SYFC25    Cavalerie Regt  Chevalier – Duc Sully
SYFC26    Cavalerie Regt  La Tournelle
SYFC27    Regt de Dragons, Royal, du Roi.
SYFC28    Regt de Dragons,  Languedoc
SYFC29    Regt de Dragons,  Firmancon
SYFC30    Compagnies des Grenadiers & Chevau-leger  (garde)
SYFC31    Gendarmes de Bretagne &  d’Anjou
SYFC32    Gendarmes Dauphin & La Reine
SYFC33    Regt de Dragons, La Reine
 SYFC40   Regt de Dragons.  ( red , sun and motto both sides )
SYFC41    Regt de Dragons.  ( blue, sun and motto both sides )
SYFC42   Regt de Dragons.  ( green,  sun and motto both sides)
SYFC43   Regt de Dragons.  ( yellow , sun and motto both sides )
SYFC44   Regt de Cavalerie, ( red, gold embroidery, sun and motto both sides )
SYFC45   Regt de Cavalerie, ( green, gold embroidery, sun and motto both sides )
SYFC46  Regt de Cavalerie, ( yellow, gold embroidery, sun and motto both sides )

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British Army of the Seven Years War

SYB1   5th Foot  

SYB2      8th Foot                                                                          

SYB3     11th Foot                                                             
SYB4     12th Foot                                                                       
SYB5     20th Foot                                                                                     
SYB6     23rd Foot                                                                        
SYB7     24th Foot                                                                        
SYB8     25th Foot                                                                        
SYB9     33rd Foot                                                                        
SYB10   37th  Foot                                                                       
SYB11    50th Foot                                                                        
SYB12    51st Foot                                                                        
SYB13    87th Foot ( Highlanders )                                              
SYB14    88th Foot ( Highlanders )                                              
SYB15     First Foot Guards. 2nd Batt                                          
SYB16     Second Foot Guards ( Coldsream ). 2nd Batt.             
SYB17     Third Foot Guards ( Scots ). 2nd Batt.  
SYBC1     Royal Horse Guards                                                     
SYBC2     1st Dragoon Guards ( Kings )                                      
SYBC3      2nd Dragoon Guards ( Queens )                                  
SYBC4      3rd Dragoon Guards                                                     
SYBC5      6th Dragoon Guards                                                    
SYBC6      7th Dragoon Guards                                                    
SYBC7      2nd Royal North British Dragoons                              
SYBC8      6th ( Inneskilling ) Dragoons.                                       
SYBC9      10th Dragoons                                                               
SYBC10    11th Dragoons                                                               
SYBC11     15th Light Dragoons


Austria ~ Infantry

 SYA 1-German and Hungarian Infantry  ( all regiments carried these flags after 1745/ SYW.

Flag has both Hungarian and German crests / one either side of Regimentsfahne. )

SYA2-German and Hungarian Infantry   ( Two ordinarfahne  – for second battalions )

 SYA3  -Pre 1745 Hungarian Infantry, Leib and Ordinarfahne.

 SYA4-Pre 1745 Hungarian Infantry, Two Ordinarfahne. ( 2nd Batt )

 SYA5 -Pre 1745 Hungarian Infantry Leib and Ordinarfahne. Ornate centre shield.

SYA6-Pre 1745 Hungarian Infantry, Two Ordinarfahne. Ornate centre shield.( 2nd Batt )


Russia ~ Infantry, Seven Years War

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SYR 1  Apcheronski  Regiment          
SYR 2  Permski Regiment 
SYR 3  Nizovski Regiment               
SYR 4  Rostovski Regiment                
SYR 5  Tchernigovski Regiment         
SYR 6  Viatski Regiment     
SYR 7  Moskovski Regiment              
SYR 8  Nijegorodski Regiment
SYR 9  Troitski Regiment
SYR10  Daghestanski Regiment
SYR11  Tenguiski Regiment
SYR12  Azovski Regiment
SYR13  Belozerski Regiment
SYR14  Narvski Regiment
SYR15  Kourinski Regiment                


Russia ~ Cavalry,  Seven Years War


SYRC1  Permski Dragoon Regiment

SYRC2  Viatski  Dragoon Regiment         

SYRC3  Troitski  Dragoon Regiment                      

SYRC4  Moskovski Dragoon Regiment

SYRC5  Nijegorodski Dragoon Regiment                

SYRC6  Azovski Dragoon Regiment         

SYRC7  Rostovski  Dragoon Regiment     

Austria ~ Cavalry ,   Seven Years War

SYAC 1-Kuirassier Regiment Von Gelhay   (Scarlet, gold embroidery.
SYAC2-Kuirassier Regiment  Graf Luchessi d’Abarra (Scarlet, heavy gold embroidery.)
SYAC3  -Kuirassier Regiment No.3.  Erzherzog Leopold ( Rose red, silver embroidery.)
SYAC4-Kuirassier Regiment No.4. Erzherzog Ferdinand/Maxmilien  ( Rose red, silver )
SYAC5 -Kuirassier Regiment No.8.   Graf Pallfy (Scarlet, gold embroidery./coat of arms)
SYAC6-Kuirassier Regiment No.12.   Graf Serbelloni (Green, gold embroidery.)
SYAC7-Kuirassier Regiment No.14.   Graf O’Donnell (Blue, gold embroidery..)
SYAC8-Kuirassier Regiment No.21.   Trautsmanndorf (Rose/Crimson, heavy gold embroidery).
SYAC9-Kuirassier Regiment No.22.    von Kalckreuth (Red, silver embroidery.)
SYAC10-Kuirassier Regiment No.29.   von Brettlach (Poppy Red , gold embroidery.)
SYAC11-Kuirassier Regiment No.33.   Brandenburg-Ansbach-Bayreuth (Scarlet, gold embroidery.)
SYAC12-Kuirassier Regiment ( generic ).    (Red, gold embroidery). –  Regts without known flags
SYAC13-Hussar Regiment No.2.  Kaiser Franz I. ( deep blue )
SYAC14-Hussar Regiment No.11. Graf Nadasdy. ( deep green )
SYAC15-Hussar Regiment No.16.  Graf Karolyi ( Rose Red )
SYAC16-Hussar Regiment No.17.  Graf von Kalnoky ( Madder Red )
SYAC17-Hussar Regiment No.24.  Eszterhazy. ( Madder Red )
SYAC18-Hussar Regiment No.30.  Bodorfalva ( Madder Red )
SYAC19-Hussar Regiment No.32.   Graf  Szecheny ( deep blue )
SYAC20-Hussar Regiment No.34.   Graf  Desoffy( Carmine Red )
SYAC21-Hussar Regiment No.35.  Von Morocz (  Rose Red )
SYAC22-Hussar Regiment No.36.  Graf Battyany  ( Rose Red )
Dragoons to follow.






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