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British army at Vimiero August 1808


BAP1    Hill’s ( 1st ) Brigade,  5th Foot, 1/9th Foot and 38th Foot

BAP2    Ferguson’s ( 2nd  ) Brigade,  36th Foot, 40th Foot and 71st Foot.

BAP3    Nightingall’s ( 3rd  ) Brigade,  29th Foot, 82nd Foot  & 50th Foot from Fanes (6th ) Brigade

BAP4    Bowes’ ( 4th  ) Brigade,  6th Foot, 32nd Foot & 2/97th from Anstruther’s ( 7nd  ) Brigade

BAP5    Crauford’s ( 5th  ) Brigade,  45th Foot, 91st Foot.

BAP6    Anstruther’s ( 7nd  ) Brigade,  2/9th Foot, 2/43rd Foot and 2/52nd Foot.

BAP7    Acland’s ( 8th) Brigade, 2nd Foot, 1/20th Foot.


British army at Bussaco  September 1810


BAP8    Spencer’s 1st Division.   1/3rd Foot Guards, 1/2nd Foot Guards. 1st KGL Line.

BAP9    Spencer’s 1st Division.   2/24th Foot, 42nd Foot, 1/61st Foot,

BAP10   Spencer’s 1st Division.  2nd KGL Line. 5th KGL Line. 7th KGL Line.

BAP11   Spencer’s 1st Division.   1/7th Foot, 1/79 th Foot.

BAP12   Hill’s 2nd Division.   1/3rd Foot, 2/31st Foot, 2/48th Foot

BAP13   Hill’s 2nd Division.   29th Foot, 1/48th Foot, 1/57th Foot.

BAP14   Hill’s 2nd Division.   2/28th Foot, 2/34th Foot, 2/39th Foot.

BAP15   Picton’s 3rd Division.   1/45th Foot, 1/74th Foot, 1/88th Foot.

BAP16   Picton’s 3rd Division.   2/5th Foot, 2/83rd Foot, (2/28th Foot from BAP17)

BAP17  Cole’s 4th Division.   2/7th Foot, 1/11th Foot, 2/53rd Foot,

BAP18  Cole’s 4th Division.   3/27th Foot, 1/40th Foot, 1/97th Foot

BAP19  Leith’s 5th Division.   3/1st Foot, 1/9th Foot, 2/38th Foot.

BAP20  Crauford’s Light Division.   1/43rd Foot, 1/52nd Foot, ,  (2/66 th Foot  from BAP12)


French army at Bussaco  September 1810  ( Massena )

II Corps, Reynier

FAP1  Merle’s 1st Div. 2nd & 4th Legere. 36th Ligne.   ( two battalions of each )  (two packs needed to cover all batts)

FAP2  Heudelet’s  2nd Div. 17th & 31st Ligne.   ( three battalions of each )

FAP3  Heudelet’s  2nd Div. 47th & 70th Ligne.   ( three battalions of each )

IV Corps, Ney

FAP4  Marchand’s 1st Div. 6th Legere & 39th Ligne.   ( three battalions of each ) 

FAP5  Marchand’s 1st Div. 69th & 76th Ligne.   ( three battalions of each ) 

FAP6 Mermet’s  2nd Div. 27th, 50th & 59th Ligne.   ( two battalions of each )  (two packs needed to cover all batts)

FAP7  Loison’s  3rd Div. 32nd Legere, 26th Ligne   ( three battalions of each )

FAP8 Loison’s  3rd Div. 66th ,  82nd Ligne and Hanovarian Legion. 

VIII Corps, Junot

FAP9  Clausel’s 1st Div. 15th Legere. 19th, 22nd, 25th Ligne.  

FAP10  Clausel’s 1st Div. 28th , 34th , 46th and 75th  Ligne.  

FAP11  Solignac’s  2nd Div. 15th & 65th  Ligne.  

FAP12  Solignac’s  2nd Div. 86th Ligne, Regt’s Prusse and Irlandaise.  



FAPC1  Hussars

FAPC2  Dragoons

FAPC3  Chasseurs



Spanish Line infantry


SAP1  Spanish Line Regiments ( three sets of two )



British army at Vittoria  June 1813


BAP22     Stopford’s Brigade, Howard’s 1st Division.   1/3rd Foot Guards, 1/2nd Foot Guards.

BAP23    Halkett’s brigade, Howard’s 1st Division. 1st KGL Line, 2nd KGL Line & 5th KGL Line.

BAP24    Cadogan’s Brigade, Stewart’s 2nd Division.   1/50th Foot, 1/71st Foot, 1/92nd Foot, 

BAP25    Byng’s Brigade, Stewart’s 2nd Division.   1/3rd Foot, 1/57th Foot, 2/31st ( provisional with 2/66th)

BAP26    O’Callaghan’s Brigade, Stewart’s 2nd Division.   1/28th Foot, 1/34th Foot, 1/39th Foot.

BAP27    Brisbane’s Brigade, Picton’s 3rd Division.   1/45th Foot, 1/74th Foot, 1/88th Foot.

BAP28    Colville’s Brigade, Picton’s 3rd Division.   1/5th Foot, 2/83rd Foot, 2/87th Foot.

BAP29  Skerrett’s Brigade, Cole’s 4th Division.   1/7th Foot, 1/20th Foot, 1/23rd Foot

BAP30  Anson’s Brigade, Cole’s 4th Division.   3/27th Foot, 1/40th Foot, 1/48th Foot

BAP31  Hay’s Brigade, Oswald’s 5th Division.   3/1st Foot, 1/9th Foot, 1/38th Foot.

BAP32  Robinson’s Brigade, Oswald’s 5th Division.   1/4th Foot, 2/47th Foot, 2/59th Foot.

BAP33  Barne’s Brigade, Dalhousie’s 7th Division.   1/6th Foot, 2/24th Foot & 2/58th Foot (provisional).

BAP34  Grant’s Brigade, Dalhousie’s 7th Division.   1/51st Foot, 1/68th Foot & 1/82nd Foot

BAP35  Vandeleur’s & Kempt’s Brigades, Alten’s Light Division. 1/43rd Foot, 1/52nd Foot, 17th Portuguese.


Portuguese Line infantry

PAP1  Portuguese Line Infantry, white  ( three sets of two )

PAP2  Portuguese Line Infantry, red    ( three sets of two )

PAP3  Portuguese Line Infantry, yellow   ( three sets of two )


French army of Portugal  ( Marmont )


FAP13  Foy’s 1st Div. 6th  Legere. 39th Ligne.  

FAP14  Foy’s 1st Div. 69th and 76th  Ligne.  

FAP15  Clausel’s  2nd Div. 25th Legere & 27th Ligne.  

FAP16 Clausel’s  2nd Div. 50th & 59th Ligne.  

FAP17 Ferey’s  3rd  Div. 31st Legere & 26th Ligne

FAP18  Ferey’s  3rd  Div. 47th & 70th Ligne

FAP19  Sarrut’s 4th  Div. 2nd & 4th Legere. 36th Ligne.  

FAP20 Maucune’s  5th Div. 15th & 66th Ligne

FAP21 Maucune’s  5th Div. 82nd & 86th Ligne

FAP22 Brennier’s  6th Div. 17th Legere & 22nd  Ligne

FAP23 Brennier’s  6th Div. 65th Ligne & Regt de Prusse.

FAP24 Thomieres 7th Division  1st, 62nd and 101st Ligne.

FAP25 Bonnet’s 8th Division  118th & 119th  Ligne.

FAP26 Bonnet’s 8th Division  120th & 122nd  Ligne.



FAPC1  Hussars

FAPC2  Dragoons

FAPC3  Chasseurs



French army 1804 ~1812/13

FAE 1  Imperial Guard, Grenadiers and Chasseurs 1804-1811, Marins de la Guard

FAE 2  Imperial Guard, 1st & 2nd Grenadiers , 1st & 2nd Chasseurs 1811-1813, Dutch Grenadiers

FAE 3  Imperial Guard, Fusilier Grenadiers, Fusilier Chasseurs.

FAE 4  Imperial Guard, Tirailleurs ( Young Guard )  1811-1815

FAE 5  Imperial Guard, Voltigeurs ( Young Guard )  1811-1815

FAE 6  Imperial Guard, Flanquers Grenadiers & Chasseurs ( Young Guard ) 

FAE 7  Imperial Guard, Tirailleur-Grenadiers & Chasseurs ( Young Guard ) 1809-1810

 FAEc 1  Imperial Guard Cavalry, Chasseurs, Grenadiers, Dragoons, Polish & Dutch Lancers.


French army at Wagram 1809 


II Corps, Oudinot.


FAW1  Tharreau’s 1st Div.Conroux’s Brigade 6th , 9th , 24th, 25th,27thLegere & Tirailleurs Corses ,1 batt of each

FAW2  Tharreau’s 1st Div.Albert’s Brigade 8th , 24th, 45th, 94th, 95th,96th Ligne, 1 batt of each

FAW3  Tharreau’s 1st Div.Jarry’s Brigade 4th , 18th, 54th, 63rd Ligne. 1 batt of each

FAW4  Claparede’s  2nd Div. Coehorn’s Brigade, 17th , 21st , 26th, 28th Legere & Tirailleurs du Po. 1 batt of each

FAW5  Claparede’s  2nd Div. Razout’s Brigade, 27th , 39th, 59th, 69th, 76th Ligne.   1 batt of each

FAW6  Claparede’s  2nd Div. Ficatier’s Brigade, 40th , 64th, 88th, 100th, 103rd Ligne.   1 batt of each

FAW7  Grandjean’s 3rd Div. Marion’s Brigade, 10th  Legere.    3 batts

FAW8  Grandjean’s 3rd Div. Lorencez’s  Brigade, 3rd and 57th Ligne, 3 batts of each

FAW9  Grandjean’s 3rd Div. Brun’s Brigade, 72nd  and 105th Ligne, 3 batts of each


III Corps, Davout.


FAW10  Morand’s 1st Div. 13th Legere. 17th Ligne.   3 batts of each

FAW11  Morand’s 1st Div. 30th  and 61st Ligne.   3 batts of each

FAW12  Friant’s  2nd Div. 15th Legere. & 33rd Ligne.   3 batts of each

FAW13  Friant’s  2nd Div. 108th  and 111th Ligne.   3 batts of each

FAW14  Gudin’s 3rd Div. Leclerc’s Brigade, 7th Legere. &  Friant’s  2nd Div. Barbangere’s Brigade, 48th Ligne.  

FAW15  Gudin’s 3rd Div. Boyer’s Brigade, 12th and 21st Ligne, 3 batts of each

FAW16  Gudin’s 3rd Div. Dupellin’s Brigade, 25th and 85th Ligne, 3 batts of each

FAW17  Puthod’s 4th Div. Girard’s Brigade, 17th  Legere, 30th, 33rd, 61st and  65th Ligne. 1 batt of each

FAW18  Puthod’s 4th Div. Desailly’s Brigade, 7th  Legere, 21st, 25th, 85th  and  111th Ligne. 1 batt of each




British army of the Waterloo campaign  1815


BW1    1st and 2nd ( Guards ) Brigades, 1st Division.  ( 2nd/3rd Foot Guards, 3rd/ 1st Foot Guards, 2nd/2nd Foot Guards

BW2    Halketts ( 5th ) Brigade, 3rd Division    ( 30th, 33rd and 69th )

BW3    Omptedas ( 2nd KGL ) Brigade, 3rd Division.   ( 5th and 8th KGL, 73rd~5th brigade, 3rd division )

BW4    Adams ( 3rd ) Brigade, 2nd Division.    ( 51st, 71st and 1st KGL )

BW5    du Plats ( 1st KGL )Brigade, 2nd Division. ( 2nd, 3rd and 4th KGL

BW6    Mitchells ( 4th ) Brigade, 4th Division.   ( 14th, 23rd and 51st )

BW7    Kempts ( 8th ) Brigade, 5th Division.  ( 28th, 32nd and 79th )

BW8    Packs ( 9th ) Brigade, 5th Division.    ( 1st, 42nd and 44th )

BW9    Lamberts ( 10th ) Brigade, 6th Division.   ( 4th, 27th and 40th )

BW10  Supplement Pack : 92nd Highland, 2nd/1st  Foot Guards, 81st Foot,  Assorted divisions.


BWC1  Somerset’s Brigade. 1st and 2nd Life Guards, Royal Horse Guards.

BWC2   Ponsonby’s Union Brigade. Scots Greys, Inneskillings and 1st Royal Dragoons

BWC3    Dornberg’s Brigade. 1st and 2nd KGL Light Dragoons, 23rd Light Dragoons

BWC4   Vandeleur’s Brigade. 11th , 12th and 16th  Light Dragoons

BWC5   7th and 15th Hussars along with the 1st Dragoon Guards ( from Somerset’s Brigade )

BWC6   10th and  18th Hussars, 13th Light Dragoons.


Brunswick Line Infantry 1815

BN1    1st, 2nd and 3rd Line Infantry Regiments


Nassau Infantry 1815

NAN1    Line Infantry Regiments


Netherlands ( Dutch/Belgian ) 1815

DBN1    Regular  Line Infantry Regiments

DBN2    Regular  Light Infantry ( Jager) Regiments

DBN3    Militia Infantry Regiments

DBN4    Heavy Cavalry Regiments

DBN5    Light Cavalry Regiments



Prussian army 1813~1815 ( including Waterloo )

PN1    1st, 2nd and 3rd  Line Infantry Regiments

PN2    4th, 5th and 6th  Line Infantry Regiments

PN3    7th, 8th and 9th  Line Infantry Regiments

PN4    10th, 11th Line Infantry and Silesian Landwehr.

PN5    Pommeranian, Silesian, East and West Prussian grenadiers

PN6    Landwehr cross ( Black on white & white on black )

PN7    Landwehr and Reserves ( Black eagle on white )

PN8    East Prussian/Brandenburg Landwehr & Reserves ( Red eagle )

PN9    Silesian Landwehr & Reserves ( Black eagle on yellow shield )

PN10  Westfalian Landwehr & Reserves ( White horse on red shield )


PNC1  1st to 6th Dragoons




French Army , Waterloo Campaign 1815

Each Infantry pack has four 1815 pattern Regimental flags and two 2nd battalion fanions (white ).

Extra fanions are available in a pack of six 2nd  (white) or 3rd  (red ) battalions


First Corps  ( Drouet D'Erlon )

FNW1  54th, 55th, 28th and 105th Line, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 1st Division.

FNW2  13th Light, 17th , 19th and 51st Line, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 2nd Division ( Donzelot )

FNW3  21st, 46th, 25th and 45th Line, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 3rd Division ( Marcognet )

FNW4  8th, 29th, 85th and 95th Line, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 4th Division ( Durutte )


Second Corps   ( Reille )

FNW5  2nd Light, 61st ,72nd and 108th Line, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 5th Division. ( Bachelu )

FNW6  1st Light, 3rd , 1st and 2nd Line, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 6th Division. (  Jerome )

FNW7  11th Light, 82nd Line, 12th Light and 4th Line, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 7th Division. ( Girard )

FNW8  92nd, 93rd, 100th Line and  4th Light, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 9th Division. ( Foy )


Third Corps   ( Vandamme )

FNW9  15th Light, 23rd ,37th and 64th Line, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 8th Division. ( Lefol )

FNW10  34th, 88th, 22nd , 70th Line and 2nd Swiss, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 10th Division. ( Habert )

FNW11  12th, 56th, 33rd and 86th Line, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 11th Division. ( Berthezene )



Fourth Corps    ( Gerard )

FNW12  30th and 96th Ligne, 6th Legere and 63rd Ligne, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 12th Division. ( Pecheaux )

FNW13  59th, 76th, 48th and 69th Ligne, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 13th Division. ( Vichery )

FNW14  9th Legere, 111th ,44th and 50th Ligne, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 14th Division. ( Hulot )


Sixth Corps    ( Lobau )

FNW15  5th, 11th, 27th and 84th Ligne, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 19th Division. ( Simmer )

FNW16  5th Legere, 10th, 47th and 107th Ligne, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 20th Division. ( Jeannin )

FNW17  8th Legere, 40th, 65th and 75th Ligne, 1st and 2nd Brigades, 21st Division. ( Teste )


Battalion fanions

FNW18  2nd battalion fanions, Ligne ( white )

FNW19  3rd  battalion fanions, Ligne ( red )

FNW20  2nd battalion fanions, Legere ( white )

FNW21  3rd  battalion fanions, Legere ( red )


Imperial Guard

FNW22  Grenadiers and Chasseur tricolours with blue fanions for 2nd, 3rd & 4th battalions

FNW23  Young Guard Tirailleurs ( white fanions)

FNW24  Young Guard Voltigeurs ( red fanions)


FNW24 Guard cavalry


Line Cavalry

1st Cavalry Division  ( Jacquinot)

FNW 25 7th Hussars and 3rd Chasseurs, 3rd and 4th Lancers,


2nd Cavalry Division  ( Pire )

FNW26  1st and 6th Chasseurs a cheval, 5th and 6th Lancers


3rd  and 7th Cavalry Divisions   ( Domon & Maurin)

FNW27  4th , 8th ,9th and 12th Chasseurs a cheval, 6th Hussars, 6th and 16th Dragoons



Cavalry Reserve        

1st Corps ( Pajol )

FNW28  1st ,4th and 5th Hussars 1st and 2nd Lancers and 11th Chasseurs.


2nd Corps ( Exelmans.)

FNW29  4th,  5th, 12th, 13th, 14th,15th, 17th and  20th Dragoons,


3rd Corps  ( Kellermann )

FNW30  2nd and 7th Dragoons, 1st and 2nd Carabiniers, 2nd, 3rd 8th and 11th Cuirassiers.


4th Corps  ( Milhaud )

FNW31  1st ,4th ,7th , 5th, 6th , 9th ,10th and 12th Cuirassiers






French Line Infantry 1812~1814 

FN1   Foot  Grenadiers and Chasseurs of the Guard.

FN2   Tirailleurs and Voltigeurs ( Young Guard ) fanions.

FN3   Line Infantry ( hons for 1st, 5th, 9th, 13th, 19th, 23rd, 29th, 42nd, 52nd, 53rd, 60th, 62nd, 79th, 81st, 102nd, 106th and 112th Regts. )

FN4   Line Infantry ( hons for 12th, 17th, 21st, 25th, 30th, 33rd, 48th, 61st, 85th, 108th and 111st Regts. )

FN5   future release

FN6   Line Infantry ( hons for 14th, 28th, 36th, 43rd, 55th and 75th Regts )

FN7   future release

FN8   future release

FN9   Line Infantry ( hons for 2nd, 16th, 37th, 56th, 67th and 95th Regts.)

FN10 future release

FN11 Light Infantry ( hons for 1st, 14th, 19th, 22nd, 31st and 32nd Regts )

FN12 future release


Russian Infantry 1803~1815 

( packs contain 6 flags, sufficient for  3 1st battalions)


RN1   St Petersburg Inspection   ( Yeltz, Kexholm,Bielosersk,Tenguinsk, Lithuania and Pernov Regts )

RN2   Smolensk Inspection  ( Moscow Grenadiers, Polotsk,Perm,Ouglitz,Voronesh and Kursk Regts )

RN3   Caucasus Inspection  ( Caucasus Grenadiers, Souzdal, Tiflis, Kabardinsk,Kazan and Vologda Regts.)

RN4   Ukraine Inspection   ( Malorossii Grenadiers, Kiev Grenadiers, Smolensk, Briansk, Galitz and Estonia Regts )

RN5   Crimean Inspection  ( Bielev, Sevastopol, Troitsk and Vitebsk Regts.)

RN6   Moscow Inspection

RN7   Lithuanian Inspection

RN8   Finland Inspection

RN9    Kiev Inspection

RN10  Brest Litovsk Inspection

RN11  Orenburg Inspection

RN12  Siberian Inspection

RN13  Livonia Inspection

RN14  Dniestr Inspection

RN15  Regts of the 16th,17th and 18th Divisions ( dark green )

RN16  Ismaelovski,Preobrajenski and Semenovski Guard Regiments

RN17  Lithuanian Guard Regiment  and Marines

RN18  Pavlov, Leib and Kiev Grenadiers  1797-1814

RN19  Astrakhan, Siberia and Little Russia Grenadiers  1797-1814

RN20  Arakcheyev, Ekaterinoslav and St Petersburg Grenadiers  1797-1814

RN21  Tauride & Moscow Grenadiers  1812-1815. Bielozerkov Regt. 1797-1815



Russian Cavalry 1797~1815 

( packs contain 6 flags, 0ne white and two coloured for each unit )


RNC1    Emperor and Empress Kurassier Regts  1797-1815   ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC2    Military Order and Astrakhan Kurassiers  1797-1815   ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC3    Little Russia and Ekaterinoslav Kurassier Regts   1797-1815   ( one white and two coloured standards

RNC4   Glukhov and Novgorod Kurassier Regts   1797-1815     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC5    Kazan and Riazan Kurassier Regts ( Dragoons from 1802)    ( one white and two coloured standards )

RNC6    Nejinsky and Rejinsky Kurassier Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC7    Sofia and Kiev Kurassier Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC8    Starodub and Kharkov Kurassier Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC9    Tchernigov and Iamburg Kurassier Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC10   Neploviev and Friderista Kurassier Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC11   Moscow and Ingermanland Dragoon Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC12   Pskov and Kargopol Dragoon Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC13   Siberia and Orenburg Dragoon Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC14   Irkutsk and Kharkov Dragoon Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC15   Tchernigov and New Russia Dragoon Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC16   Kiev and Astrakhan Dragoon Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC17   Hastatova and Narva Dragoon Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC18   Nizhnii-Novgorod and Rostov Dragoon Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC19   Seversk and Shreidersa Dragoon Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC20   Simbrisk and Smolensk Dragoon Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC21   St Petersburg and Taganrod Dragoon Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC22   Borisoglebsk and Pereyaslav Dragoon Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC23   Zhitomir and Tiraspol Dragoon Regts     ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC24   Stardobov Dragoons and Pavlograd Hussars 1803-15    ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC25   Stardobov Dragoons and Pavlograd Hussars 1803-15    ( one white and two coloured standards each )

RNC26   1803-15 pattern Cavalry – Two white and four green standards  

RNC27   Bug Cossacks  

RNC28   Lithuanian Tartars  

RNC29   1st and 2nd Black Sea Cossacks  

RNC30   1st and 2nd Tchougoviev Cossacks  

RNC31   Polish Light Horse  


Austrian Napoleonic Infantry


AN1  Austrian Line Infantry ( German ) 1806 ~ 1815

AN2  Austrian Line Infantry ( Hungarian ) 1806 ~ 1815

AN3  Grenz Infantry or Line Inf 2nd Battalions ( German ) 1806 ~ 1815

AN4  Line Infantry 1792 ( German & Hungarian )

AN5  Line Infantry 1804

AN6  Austrian Cavalry 1806.



Bavarian Infantry 1808 ~ 1815


BVN 1  Bavarian Infantry 1 ( Leibfahne with checked border and crest )

BVN 2  Bavarian Infantry 2 ( Plain white Leibfahne with crest )

( packs contain two different Regimentsfahne variants )



Prussian Army 1740~1806

Seven Years War / Early Napoleonic 


PA 1  Infantry Regiment No.1, No.2, No.3.

PA 2  Infantry Regiment No.4, No.5, No.6.

PA 3  Infantry Regiment No.7, No.8, No.9.

PA 4  Infantry Regiment No.10, No.11, No.12.

PA 5  Infantry Regiment No.13, No.14, No.15.

PA 6  Infantry Regiment No.16, No.17, No.18.

PA 7  Infantry Regiment No.19, No.20, No.21.

PA 8  Infantry Regiment No.22, No.23, No.24.

PA 9  Infantry Regiment No.25, No.26, No.27.

PA 10  Infantry Regiment No.28, No.29, No.30.

PA 11  Infantry Regiment No.31, No.32, No.33.

PA 12  Infantry Regiment No.34, No.35, No.36.

PA 13  Infantry Regiment No.37, No.38, No.39.

PA 14  Infantry Regiment No.40, No.41, No.42.

PA 15  Infantry Regiment No.43, No.44, No.45.

PA 16  Infantry Regiment No.46, No.47, No.48.

PA 17  Infantry Regiment No.49, No.50, No.51.

PA 18  Infantry Regiment No.52, No.53, No.54.


PAC 1  Kurassier Regiments No1, No2, No3.

PAC 2  Kurassier Regiments No4, No5, No6.

PAC 3  Kurassier Regiments No7, No8, No9.

PAC 4  Kurassier Regiments No10, No11, No12.

PAC 5  Dragoon Regiments No1, No2, No3.

PAC 6  Dragoon Regiments No4, No5, No6.

PAC 7  Dragoon Regiments No7, No8, No9.

PAC 8  Dragoon Regiments No10, No11, No12.



British Army

Seven Years War


BA 1  5th Foot, 8th Foot, 11th Foot.

BA 2  12th Foot, 20th Foot, 23rd Foot.

BA 3  24th Foot, 25th Foot, 33rd Foot.

BA 4  37th Foot, 50th Foot, 51st Foot.

BA 5  87th Highlanders, 88th Highlanders

BA 6  1st Foot Guards (2nd Batt), 2nd Foot Guards (2nd Batt),3rd Foot Guards (2nd Batt)


BAC 1  Royal Horse Guards, 1st (Kings) Dragoon Guards

BAC 2  2nd ( Queens ) Dragoon Guards, 3rd Dragoon Guards, 6th Dragoon Guards

BAC 3  7th  Dragoon Guards, 2nd Royal North British Dragoons, 6th Inneskilling Dragoons.

BAC 4 10th Dragoons, 11th Dragoons, 15th Light Dragoons


French Army

Seven Years War / War of Spanish Succession


FA 1  Infantry Regiments : Picardie, Champagne, Navarre.  ( Nos.1, 2, 3. )

FA 2  Infantry Regiments Piemont, Normandie, La Marine. ( Nos.4, 5, 6. )

FA 3  Infantry Regiments La Tour du Pin, Bourbonnais, Auvergne.

FA 4  Infantry Regiments Monaco ( 10th ), Talarue (11th ), Du Roi.

FA 5  Infantry Regiments Royal, Poitou, Lyonnais

FA 6  Infantry Regiments Dauphin, Vaubecourt, Touraine.

FA 7  Infantry Regiments Aquitaine, Eu, Saint Chamond

FA 8  Infantry Regiments Montmorin, Briqueville, La Reine

FA 9  Infantry Regiments  Limousin, Royal des Vaisseaux, Orleans. (Nos.25, 26, 27. )

FA 10  Infantry Regiments  La Couronne, Bretagne, Gardes Lorraine  ( No.28, No.29, No.30.

FA 11  Infantry Regiments  Artois, Rohan, La Roche Aymon.  ( Nos.31, No.32, No.33.

FA 12  Infantry Regiments  La Sarre, La Fere, Royal Roussillon.  ( No.34, 35, 37. )

FA 13  Infantry Regiments  Conde, Bourbon, Grenadiers de France.  ( Nos.38,39,40 ).

FA 14  Infantry Regiments Beauvoisis, Rouergue, Bourgogne  ( Nos. 41, 42, 43. )

FA 15  Infantry Regiments Royal Marine, Vermandois

**FA 18 Infantry Regiments ********Languedoc, Aumont

FA 19 Infantry Regiments  Waldner (swiss), Medoc, Puysegur.  ( Nos.55, 56, 57. )

FA 20 Infantry Regiments  Vastan, Royal Comtois, Durfort.  ( Nos.58, 59, 60. )

FA 21 Infantry Regiments  Provence, Cambis, La Planta ( Swiss )   ( Nos.61, 62, 63. )

**FA 22 Infantry Regiments  Saint Mauris, Nice, La Marck (German)  ( Nos.64, 65, 66. )

**FA 23 Infantry Regiments  *******, Guyenne, Lorraine  ( Nos.67, 68, 69. )

FA 24 Infantry Regiments  Flandres, Berry, Bearn.   ( Nos.70, 71, 72 )

**FA 25 Infantry Regiments  Hainault, *******, ********. )  ( Nos.73, 74, 75. )

FA 26 Infantry Regiments  Perigord, Saintonge, Bigorre  ( Nos.76, 77, 78. )

FA 27 Infantry Regiments  Forez, Cambresis, Tournaisis  ( Nos.79, 80, 81. )

FA 28 Infantry Regiments  Foix, Bresse, La Marche  ( Nos.82, 83, 84 )

FA 29 Infantry Regiments  Quercy, Comte de La Marche, Brie.  ( Nos.85, 86, 87. )

**FA 30 Infantry Regiments  Soissonais, Ile de France* , Diesbach (Swiss)  ( Nos.88, 89, 90 ) **

**FA 31 Infantry Regiments  Courten (Swiss)**, Bulkeley ( Irish), Clare ( Irish )  ( Nos.91, 92, 93 )

**FA 32 Infantry Regiments  Dillon ( Irish), Royal Suedois, Chatres  ( Nos.94, 95, 96 )

**FA 33 Infantry Regiments  Conti, Rooth (Irish), Berwick (Irish) **  ( Nos.97, 98, 99 )

**FA 34 Infantry Regiments  Enghien **, Royal Baviere**,  Salis (Swiss)**  ( Nos.100,102,103 )

**coming soon.



Austrian Army

Seven Years War  ( 1745 – 1797 )

AA1   German and Hungarian Infantry  ( all regiments carried these flags after 1745/ SYW. Flag has both       Hungarian and German crests / one either side of Regimentsfahne. )  3 white and 3 yellow flags per pack.

AA2  German and Hungarian Infantry   ( six ordinarfahne  – for second battalions )

Cavalry and variants, along with the pre 1745 Hungarian green flag - coming soon.



American Civil War   15mm    


Union States

( packs contain national and state / regimental colours for three units )


ACW 1   U.S. Army Regulation colours 1 ( use for regulars and volunteers )

ACW 2   U.S. Army Regulation colours 2 ( use for regulars and volumteers )

ACW 3   New York State Volunteers 1

ACW 4   New York State Volunteers 2

ACW 5   Irish Brigade ( 69th, 63rd and 88th N.Y. )

ACW 6   Pennsylvania nationals ( 6 stars & stripes with Penn crest )

ACW 7   Pennsylvania Volunteers (  3 as above with 3 blue Penn state flags )

ACW 8   New York Zouaves ( inc 5th Duryee's, 140th NY )

ACW 9   Iron Brigade ( 2nd, 6th and 7th Wisconsin )

ACW10  Massachusetts Volunteers ( white state flag )

ACW11  Massachusetts Volunteers ( blue state flag )

ACW12  Michigan Volunteers

ACW13  Minnesota Volunteers

ACW14  Heavy Artillery ( one N.Y. and two regulation sets of colours )

ACW15  Maine Volunteers

ACW16  New Jersey State Volunteers

ACW17  Indiana Volunteers

ACW18  Illinois State Volunteers

ACW19  Large stars and stripes/ HQ flags.

ACW20 Ohio Volunteer Infantry

ACW21 New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry


Union States Cavalry


ACWC 1  U.S. Cavalry standard and guidons  1862

ACWC 2  U.S. Cavalry pre 1862

ACWC 3  Pennsylvania State Cavalry

ACWC 4  New York State Cavalry

ACWC 5  Massachusetts State Volunteer Cavalry

ACWC 6  New Jersey State Volunteer Cavalry

ACWC 7  Michigan State Volunteer Cavalry

ACWC 8  Ohio State Volunteer Cavalry

ACWC 9  Illinois State Volunteer Cavalry

ACWC 10  Indiana State Volunteer Cavalry

ACWC 11  U.S. Artillery guidons

ACWC 12  New York Light Artillery guidons

ACWC 13  Massachusetts Artillery guidons


Corps, Division and Brigade flags ~ Union

Army of the Potomac 1863 ( Gettysburg )

All ACWS packs £6.


ACWS1  Corps HQ flags.(1st,2nd,3rd,5th.6th,11th,12th, Artillery and Cav.) 

ACWS2   1st Corps, Division & Brigade flags.

ACWS3   2nd Corps, Division & Brigade flags.

ACWS4   3rd Corps, Division & Brigade flags.

ACWS5   5th Corps, Division & Brigade flags.

ACWS6   6th Corps, Division & Brigade flags.

ACWS7   11th Corps, Division & Brigade flags.

ACWS8   12thCorps, Division & Brigade flags.

ACWS9   Cavalry Corps, Division & Brigade flags.

ACWS10  Ambulance and Hospital flags.




Confederate States

( all packs contain six flags )


ACW 30   1st Nationals ( includes four variants )

ACW 31   1st ( silk ) pattern ANV battle flags

ACW 32   2nd ( orange border ) pattern ANV battle flags

ACW 33   2nd pattern with Seven Pines and Williamsburg honours

ACW 34   3rd ( white border ) pattern ANV battle flags

ACW 35   Virginia state flags

ACW 36  Georgia state flags

ACW 37  Texas state flags

ACW 38  North Carolina state

ACW 39  Alabama state

ACW 40  Mississippi state

ACW 41  Florida state

ACW 42  Louisiana state

ACW 43  South Carolina state

ACW 44  Army of Tennessee / Johnston battle flag

ACW 45  Van Dorn's Corps battle flag

ACW 46  Bragg's Corps 1st &  2nd pattern

ACW 47  Polk's Corps battle flag

ACW 48  3rd ( white border ) pattern ANV battle flags ~ blue painted honours

ACW 49  3rd National flags ( outer red strip )

ACW 50  HQ flags ~ Gen Robert E Lee, Gen Jeb Stewart, Gen Jubal Early.

ACW 51  2nd National Flag 1863~1865

ACW 52  Army of Mississippi, Bragg's Corps 1st pattern

ACW 53  Army of Mississippi, bragg's Corps 2nd Pattern.

ACW 54  Army of Tennessee/Johnston battle flag  



Confederate States Cavalry


ACWC15  ANV Cavalry

ACWC16  1st National Cavalry variants




American/Mexican War


AmMx1  US National and Regimental colours

AmMx2  Colombia Volunteers and  US colours

AmMx3  Mexican tricolours







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